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Contact Billing Support
To cancel your membership or for other issues, please contact us by chat, phone, or email:

Phone:  1-877-484-8393


Username / Password Support

I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?
Contact us via live chat, email or phone. Please see above for contact info.
What if I forgot my username and password?
Contact us via live chat, email or phone. Please see above for contact info.
What happens if I give out my password?
Your password is for personal use only. If you give it out, our software permanently disables it within minutes and it won't work anymore. Please keep it to yourself!

Billing Support

How does the Puba VIP site access fee appear on my bill?
It depends when you signed up and which processor the transaction went through.
How does the Puba VIP billing work?
If you bought a trial membership, for your convenience it becomes a monthly subscription when the trial is up. If you have a monthly subscription, you will be billed once a month for the site subscription fee. This gives you full access to everything in the site.
How do I cancel my Puba VIP membership?
We don't want to lose you as a member! If there's anything we can add to the site to keep you happy, just ask for a new feature. We frequently update the content, so there's always some new pictures, movies!

To cancel your Puba membership, please contact the billing provider you joined through (Check your signup email for which biller processed your transaction) and give them your email and username and they will terminate your membership. If you wish to cancel, please do so by contacting the processor which billed you:
How can I confirm that my Puba VIP membership is cancelled?
Upon canceling your membership, a confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to the e-mail that was used for the initial sign-up. Since many web-based e-mail providers such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo occasionally mistake confirmation e-mails as spam or junk, please be sure to verify in the spam/junk folders in order to ensure that the confirmation e-mail was indeed received. If it still appears as though you have never received a membership cancellation e-mail, it might be because the e-mail address was mistyped upon sign-up. In this case, please contact us and one of our agents will be able to assist you.
My credit card has expired and I wish to maintain my current membership, how can I update my credit card information?
Please contact us and one of our agents will be happy to assist you in changing any credit card information including changing credit card numbers or updating the expiration date on your current credit card in order to ensure your current membership is maintained.

Technical Support

How do I stream the movies on the site?
In order to stream content directly from the site, you need to have a broadband Internet Connection such as DSL or Cable. Unfortunately, dial-up connections are too slow for streaming good quality video. Next, you will have to download and install the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Once installed, restart your computer then log back into the site, select a movie or scene and click on the play arrow.
Still can't stream even after installing Adobe Flash Player
Open Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" menu and go to "Internet Options". You will see a window pop up, with 7 tabs on the top, click on the tab that says "Security". Be sure the icon that says "Internet" is selected and set the slider on the bottom to medium, then goto the "Privacy" tab on the top and adjust the slider to medium as well. Now click on "Ok" at the bottom of the window. Close all of your Internet Explorer windows including this one and then open a fresh browser.
What do I do if the streaming movies pause every few seconds?
First, you need to have a broadband internet connection such as DSL or Cable. Dial-up connections are too slow for streaming good quality video.

Next, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flashe Player installed. To make sure, just download it and install it again. It will install over your current (and possibly outdated) version. You can get the latest version here.

If the movie is still freezing every few seconds after making sure you have the latest version, try waiting 30 seconds before clicking the play button again. That should give the player enough time to buffer enough video in advance to play without stopping.
How do I download movies to my computer?
First, you must have a full membership to download the videos. If you are a trial member, please upgrade to a full membership. Once you are a full member you may download all of our movies. Go to the scene you wish to download and to the right you will see "Video Options" - Most of our scenes have WMV and iPod downloads. Select the format you want to download by right clicking the link and selecting "Save Target As" (Save Link As if you are using FireFox instead of Internet Explorer). A box asking you where you would like to download the movie to will appear. Select the destination of the file and click save.
Which browser should I use?
Our sites are compatible with all graphical browsers. For best performance you should use Google Chrome.
I use AOL browser and the pictures don't seem very clear. What can I do?
By default, AOL browser uses a picture compression method which has the unfortunate side-effect of reducing image quality to unacceptable levels. To stop AOL browser doing this, go to AOL browser preferences and look for the option to use compressed graphics. Turn it off! Now the pictures should be much clearer.
Why do I get 'File Not Found' while trying to download an MP4 or iPod File?
You probably use Windows Media Player to view videos. This has a bug that it cannot download movies from password-protected sites. You should right-click the movie you wish to view and choose to save it to your hard drive. You can then view it from your computer without problems.
What is a codec? Where can I find missing codecs?
Codec is an abbreviation for compression decompression, multimedia players use these files to read the media files in the appropriate way. There is a codec archive at Codec-Download.
What is the difference between the FLASH, WMV and iPod/PSP formats?
The main difference is the file compression. Flash is used for streaming the video within the site. WMV is a format we have made available so you can download the scenes at a very high quality and keep them for as long as you desire. Anyone running a Windows PC using Windows Media Player is able to view this format. If you're a Mac user and would like to use the WMV format, download and install the free movie player Flip4Mac. We also have an iPod format available for most scenes that will allow you to download and transfer to your iPod or iPhone. Its yours to keep and you can take it with you!
How can I find out my bandwidth speed?
There are several sites the run free browser-based test. Free bandwidth test here.